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“Don’t press ignore button. #freak”

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#Excuse me homeskillet you will soon be playing in front of them \m/

No, Shannon.

you guise, don’t fight. just watch the chicken

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goodbye cody, i’ll miss ya

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San Francisco Giants 2011 Walk-off Wins, #5 — May 10, Cody Ross

Duane Kuiper: “SHOT! FAIR BALL! THIS. GAME. IS… OVER! Cody Ross, a line-drive down the left field line, and the Giants with another walk-off win here at AT&T Park. And the magic is back.”

Mike Krukow: “Well it really is, and I don’t think they’re surprised by it. You get an outing like they got from Tim Lincecum, they all felt like sooner or later they were gonna punch through.”

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As the 2010 World Series team departs one by one like the end of The Sandlot, we should all remember that good things don’t always last. That’s why we have our memories, or for some, bobbleheads. It’s nice to look back at the good times the whole Giants fan base and city shared, but in order to get back to where we were, changes need to be made. So it is with fond memories that I wish all these recently traded/retired/not re-signed players good luck in the next stage of their career/lives. We’ll always have 2010.

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Pat’s gonna retire. They could still re-sign Cody, so we’ll see.

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Random Observation


Pat Burrell and Cody Ross are no longer on the Players video page on the Giants’ website.

But Ehire Adrianza, Francisco Peguero, and Melky Cabrera have their own…lol.

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